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  • + Added player's current biome to the Featherboard and to /winfo; this will even properly parse our special Terralith biomes!
  • + Changing worlds will now print the name of world in chat. This should hopefully help avoid confusion between the Overworld and Resource World.
  • + Added a Fly shop at /fly shop. Any purchases within the shop will add directly to your balance; these are not tradeable vouchers. The prices are quite high, but a few of you may choose to use it anyway.
  • + Added Community Crate to spawn. This is a community-generated crate with content you folks created yourselves. Requires a Tier 2 key to use. + Added Novice thru Veteran tags to /tags. If any of you accidentally cleared your tags before, now you can get your basic rank tag back!

Patch Notes - April 2024 20 days ago
  • Updated server to version 1.20.4
  • - Removed ability to permanently toggle private messaging mode on; players would occasionally get stuck in a private channel by using /tell [playername] with no additional message.
  • + Buffed Mythical Tier crystal fish, flying fish, and skills fish; these now give 50 crystals, 30 minutes flight, and 50 McMMO credits respectively + Added 3 new fish to Platinum tier - Junior Crystal Fish (1 crystal), Junior Flying Fish (1 min Flight), and Junior Skills Fish (1 McMMO credit) + Built a small lake in the Nether beside a bastion, not far from nether spawn. In this lake, you'll be able to catch any fish requiring the "Crimson Forest" biome
  • + Fixed bug where players with flight capability would hover after teleporting, after using an elevator/teleporter, and after leaving a bed. This will now disable flight after every single method of teleportation. This list includes /home, /spawn, /t spawn, /warp, elevators, teleporters, ender pearls, Ender Bows, and bed usage. End result? No more random missing flight time!
  • + Bug fixes for /audio
  • + Added crafting recipe for mud. 8 dirt around 1 water bottle = 8 mud

Patch Notes - March 2024 20 days ago
  • + Added scoreboard. This feature is toggleable via /fb on, /fb off, or /fb toggle. Displays the current player count, various bits of info (jobs joined, balance, crystal balance), your various stats, and the server's regular announcements.
  • + Added PyroFishing, a custom fishing plugin. * To begin, shift right-click while holding a fishing rod to bring up the menu. * This completely changes the fishing aspect of the server. If there are 3+ players online, a tournament will occur every hour with various categories of fish to catch. * Fishing has been tied into McMMO and Jobs; Jobs EXP payouts are 5-10 xp each time, while providing no money (the fish themselves can be sold to the Fish Shop, some are worth up to $2500). Fish that appear as Cod grant 100 McMMO XP, Salmon 600 XP, Tropical Fish 2400 XP, and Pufferfish 10000 XP.
  • + Made Jobs and McMMO exp messages for Pyrofishing silent. It now appears completely seamlessly, as if you were doing those tasks normally.
  • Admin Shop Changes + Added flint + Added the 17 colours of terracotta + Added dripstone - Reduced payments for iron ingots to $0.80 from $1.00, for balancing.
  • + Added Brewery to server. At this time, only the default recipes are included. This is accessible starting at Novice (Rank 1). If unlocked, recipes are viewable via /brewery recipes gui <your username>
  • + Added 3 additional fish to PyroFishing under the Mythical Tier. These fish are very special indeed in that they give flight time, McMMO credits, and crystals! + Added 1 additional fish to PyroFishing under the Platinum Tier. This one gives random music discs! + Added 2x Entropy Booster to Party Crate
  • - Removed Wither Skeleton skull from Party Crate
  • + Added Leaderboards to the server. These can be viewed at /warp garden. No special perks to be earned from being on the leaderboards, just bragging rights.
  • + Turned "Random Music Disc" in Crystal Shop into a tradeable voucher
  • + Added Fishing Dock and Fishing NPC to the /warp garden area. Here, you can also buy a basic fishing rod ($50) and a selection of boats ($10) from the admin shop chests present. The lake in /warp garden has been changed to be an Ocean biome, so fishing will work normally there. Crabs may still spawn here...

Patch Notes - February 2024 20 days ago
  • + Reset Resource World + Expanded Overworld border radius by 500 blocks
  • + Added crafting recipes to turn Stripped Logs and Stripped Wood (oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, mangrove, cherry, bamboo, crimson stem, and warped stem) back to their normal unstripped variants. 8 stripped "log" or "wood" + 1 stick = 8 normal
  • + Added TryMe, the reaction-based minigame where you have to answer questions in chat or perform certain actions as fast as possible to score rewards. 2+ players must be online for the game to take effect.
  • + Added a limited Admin Shop to the server, accessible via /adminshop and /as Within this shop, only basic materials are available for purchase from and sale to the shop. Basic mob drops can also be sold to the shop.
  • + Added cobbled deepslate, tuff, copper ingot, mangrove log, and cherry log to Admin Shop + Added a couple of NPCs to spawn, with VOICE ACTING. Use /audio to enjoy!
  • + Fixed bug that prevented players from buying cosmetics using Cosmetic Coins.
  • + Added Help Menu, /help. It should have everything you need. Most text in the Help menu has a hover, describing items in a basic level of detail; for greater detail, click on the text. It may bring up a help GUI or command listing from the plugin itself, or another page describing the plugin in more detail.
  • + Added BetterFarming to the server This plugin allows you to fully automatically farm most crops as well as trees. Get the special end rod [/farm get (crop-farm/tree-farm)], place it down on some dirt, and start farming. It will automatically harvest and replant the crops for you. These farms can be upgraded for in-game money. Newcomers start with access to 1, then you gain one more per rank with Veteran able to use 7 altogether.
  • + Added Upgradeable Hoppers to the server This plugin, in conjunction with BetterFarming, allows you to move your drops to the output chest(s) of your choosing and comes complete with a built-in filter. Get the special hopper [/hopper get (chunk/normal)] and place as normal. This is able to be used in mob farms as well! These hoppers can be upgraded for in-game money. Newcomers start with access to 2, then you gain two more per rank with Veteran able to use 14 altogether.
  • + Created condense/uncondense recipe for Tuff (9 tuff = 1 Compressed Tuff) + Fixed issue where cosmetic coins couldn't be used to buy anything!
  • + Added a 10 second countdown letting players know that they're about to receive their hourly reward; this should allow players enough time to empty a slot for the flight voucher
  • + Added /links command. This will take you to our Linktree page, with all of the server's primary links. + Added a note to Telekinesis enchant noting that certain blocks are incompatible with the enchant (logs, and blackstone) + Spawners are now able to be protected via /lock
  • + Added bone as a fuel source for automatic farms; it is worth 50 seconds
  • + Sound effect for custom drops changed to a vanilla sound effect for all players. This should reduce the number of notifications for /audio for those of you that won't use it.
  • + Added compressed recipe for Calcite + Added all the compressed recipes to /recipes. They worked fine before, but now you can actually see them. + Added basalt, smooth basalt, blackstone, calcite, bamboo block, and netherite ingot to Admin Shop
  • + Players who boost our server via Discord Nitro will now receive 5% better pricing in the Admin Shop. Your Discord account must be linked in-game for this to work.
  • + Discord Nitro boosters will now all receive 30 minutes of extra flight time once per day upon login.
  • + Discord Nitro boosters now have the ability to use /tf speed [amount] to boost their flight speed. You can use up to 1.25, in any world!
  • + Added permission to build two sets of teleporter blocks to all current and former paid rank holders (if your name here has colour, that probably means you!). Your Discord account must be linked in-game for this to work.
  • + All former paid rank holders now can set their old paid rank tag in-game via /tags; previously this required you to DM me for access. Your Discord account must be linked in-game for this to work.
  • + Enabled server onboarding for our Discord!
  • + Reorganized spawn to make it more user-friendly to new players. First spawn has been moved to the same location as /spawn. Overworld portal is now directly in front of you. Crates area has been expanded on the left, various portals on the right. The "Welcome to MythicHaven" NPC has been moved to next to the Overworld portal and will open the /help menu if clicked, in addition to its audio clip.
  • + Fixed Ender Dragon, Wither, and Warden kill payments for the Hunter job. This is the oldest bug report we had open, and it's now finally resolved
  • + Voting on all sites each day will now increase your AFK kick timer to 1 hour. The "You have voted on all sites in 1 day!" message must appear for this take effect.
  • + Added additional death message directing players to use /dback to return to their point of death.
  • + Reduced rankup requirements for the first rankup; stat requirements were reduced by half, play time lengthened by one hour to compensate.
  • + Renamed Cook job to Brewer + Fixed bug where Cook/Brewer job was not removing all levels upon prestiging.
  • + Fixed sound effect not playing when custom drops fell from blocks/mobs
  • + Added /sell hand to Novice rank (Rank 1) + Added /sell all to Adept rank (Rank 3) **Note: /sell only grants 60% payment for blocks (lines 1-4 of /adminshop). Mob drops (lines 5-6) remain the same.**
  • + Doubled all custom item/block drop rates. I'm testing something out here, and may revert this change in the future.


  • - Temporarily disabled Decapitator enchantment; enchant is bugged out and often giving Null heads. Heads can still be obtained via the use of Looting.
  • - Removed sound effect for elytra flight
  • - Removed uncondense recipe for Compressed Stone; it interfered and caused a major dupe bug
  • - Removed /audio reminder that generated from every NPC interaction in spawn.
  • - Removed all condense/uncondense recipes relating to the Compressed Items. You will need to craft these manually; the end result of using the commands was... undesirable to say the least.
  • - Removed ability to rejoin max level job without level loss; it'll be a 100% level loss regardless of level.


Patch Notes - January 2024 4 months ago
  • Server has been updated to version 1.20.2
  • Head Tokens are now given with every vote
  • Fixed bug where Scout (Rank 4) did not get access to /workbench and /craft commands
  • Increased max auction house slots for Mercenary to 5, to avoid confusion with Scout rank's auction house slot max (was 4)
  • Server music now transitions a bit more cleanly into boss battles
  • Added music for when mining below Y:-1
  • Fixed custom music discs
  • Numerous plugin updates
  • Added ViaBackwards
    Players should be able to join using older versions of the game, but I'd strongly recommend sticking to 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.20.2, and 1.20.4. While I was able to login with 1.18, the game experience was... weird, to say the least.
  • Added GeyserMC
    - This allows players to join using Bedrock Edition. Use play.mythichaven.net:19132 to join.
  • Added percentage chances for all crate items
  • Added a means of converting shards from mob drops into Event Shards
    Players will need to smelt the shard of their choice in a furnace into a Scrap of Shard, then craft them sequentially into Recycled Shards, Processed Shards, Refined Shards, and finally into Event Shards. Event shards will be able to be exchanged for items from past (and possibly current) events at certain intervals via a vendor in spawn. Stay tuned for announcements on when these vendors become available!
    - Suggested by TreeSpawn
  • Added brand new server list MOTD (it's pretty nice!)
  • Revamped area around portals in spawn
  • Added RTP portal for the Overworld in spawn
  • Added three new sets of gear - Frostguard, Aquaguard, and Lunar. These are complete with armour, swords, axes, ranged weapons, and pickaxes
  • Removed /mctop and /mcrank. These will not be returning in future. This is for us to be in compliance with EULA.

Patch Notes - December 2023 6 months ago