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1.6.4 Speedrun Event
Guru2764 Owner
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IGN: Guru2764
11 months ago

Thanks to everyone who participated! Everyone had a lot of fun and it was definitely cool seeing what's changed since 1.6.4!

Here are the final results:
+ Obtain the dragon egg - Rtem1s
+ First to tame and equip a horse with saddle and horse armor - BerryFrosting
+ First to enchant a piece of gear - BerryFrosting
+ First to obtain 16 coal blocks - Rtem1s
+ First to obtain 1 of every carpet - Rtem1s
+ First to get 16 hay bales - BerryFrosting
+ First to reach the nether - JohnNasc
+ First to craft an ender chest - JohnNasc

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