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March Update
Guru2764 Owner
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IGN: Guru2764
11 months ago

Update Information

Next week we plan on bringing the server down to perform a large update, some items of which include:

- The server will be updated to 1.18.2

- There will be about 900 new advancements viewable in-game! These come from a datapack and will provide fun challenges to complete!

- We will be implementing talismans, which are items held in your offhand that can give a boost to your jobs. Level 1 talismans can be obtained via vote and party crates, and can be upgraded up to level 10 with 4 upgrade gems of the same level in a crafting table. These gems can be crafted with vanilla items, and recipes will be posted after the update.

- We will be implementing Safari Nets, which are single or multi-use items that can be used to capture one mob at a time. These will not work on ALL mobs, however, and the specific list will be posted after the announcement. These nets can be obtained with in-game money, and reusable nets can be purchased with crystals in the crystal shop.

- Staff applications are currently receiving a revamp and will be processed on the website once finished. Additional changes are coming to the staff team with more opportunities for growth.

- Regarding the new enchantment system, I will have further updates on that later this week, including whether it will be part of this update or not.

- We will be adding two new vote sites to the list

- We will be posting additional information about the RPG along with an expected release timeframe after the update.

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