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April 18, 2022 Update
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9 months ago

April 18, 2022 Update


You can now obtain refunds for any used enchantment unlocks with /enchantrefund. You will have to run the command once per permission (annoying I know, but it's the only way to prevent spam click exploits)

If you have physical unlocks you have not used, please make a ticket and they will be refunded with level 1 books for that enchantment.


Artifacts have been added to the crates via suggestion. Enjoy the particle effects on your gear!

Staff Team and RPG Update

Now that we are focusing heavily on the RPG, the staff team has received a bit of a rework. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to our staff team for keeping everything going! We have made great progress on the RPG and are in the midst of planning quests, dungeons, and all of the other related content. We have also finished construction of three town areas, an overworld dungeon, and a classic indoors dungeon. Enemy, boss, and NPC creation for these areas is our next big step!

Below are the additional roles everyone is performing in support of the RPG:

Social Media Management
- Rtem1s

RPG - Content Development
- Liza_Atwood
- Captain_Morgin
- BerryFrosting
- Firejayhawk

RPG - Build Team
- Nanabana1161
- Doxinluv

Events Management
- baero1181
- The_Talent

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