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Knight permissions
    + Max auction house slots increased to 5
    + Max backpack slots increased to 18
    + Ability to sort your backpack [/bp sort]
    + Ability to combine items in inventory into neat stacks [/stack]
    + Ability to convert ingots etc into blocks via [/condense] [/uncondense]
+ Keep inventory upon death

This is not an exhaustive list of commands; many of the listed ones above have variations.

Requirements to reach this rank:
    - Money cost: $150,000
    - Total McMMO levels: 1450
    - Total play time: 56 hours
    - Total mob kills: 6000
- Total wither skeleton kills: 50
        - Total ghast kills: 10
        - Total wither kills: 5
        - Total ender dragon kills: 2
        - Total villager kills: 2
    - Total blocks mined: 625,000
        - Total diamond ore mined: 250
        - Total nether quartz ore mined: 250
        - Total emerald ore mined: 50
        - Total deepslate mined: 1,152
    - Jobs Prestige level: 3
    - Total horse travel: 10,000 blocks

Ranking up will remove the required money from your balance; all other amounts listed are cumulative and will carry over between rankups.

Previous rank: Veteran
Next rank: Paladin