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Patch Notes - February 2024
MaestroReckoner Owner
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about 1 month ago
  • + Added scoreboard. This feature is toggleable via /fb on, /fb off, or /fb toggle. Displays the current player count, various bits of info (jobs joined, balance, crystal balance), your various stats, and the server's regular announcements.
  • + Added PyroFishing, a custom fishing plugin. * To begin, shift right-click while holding a fishing rod to bring up the menu. * This completely changes the fishing aspect of the server. If there are 3+ players online, a tournament will occur every hour with various categories of fish to catch. * Fishing has been tied into McMMO and Jobs; Jobs EXP payouts are 5-10 xp each time, while providing no money (the fish themselves can be sold to the Fish Shop, some are worth up to $2500). Fish that appear as Cod grant 100 McMMO XP, Salmon 600 XP, Tropical Fish 2400 XP, and Pufferfish 10000 XP.
  • + Made Jobs and McMMO exp messages for Pyrofishing silent. It now appears completely seamlessly, as if you were doing those tasks normally.
  • Admin Shop Changes + Added flint + Added the 17 colours of terracotta + Added dripstone - Reduced payments for iron ingots to $0.80 from $1.00, for balancing.
  • + Added Brewery to server. At this time, only the default recipes are included. This is accessible starting at Novice (Rank 1). If unlocked, recipes are viewable via /brewery recipes gui <your username>
  • + Added 3 additional fish to PyroFishing under the Mythical Tier. These fish are very special indeed in that they give flight time, McMMO credits, and crystals! + Added 1 additional fish to PyroFishing under the Platinum Tier. This one gives random music discs! + Added 2x Entropy Booster to Party Crate
  • - Removed Wither Skeleton skull from Party Crate
  • + Added Leaderboards to the server. These can be viewed at /warp garden. No special perks to be earned from being on the leaderboards, just bragging rights.
  • + Turned "Random Music Disc" in Crystal Shop into a tradeable voucher
  • + Added Fishing Dock and Fishing NPC to the /warp garden area. Here, you can also buy a basic fishing rod ($50) and a selection of boats ($10) from the admin shop chests present. The lake in /warp garden has been changed to be an Ocean biome, so fishing will work normally there. Crabs may still spawn here...