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Patch Notes - March 2024
MaestroReckoner Owner
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about 1 month ago
  • Updated server to version 1.20.4
  • - Removed ability to permanently toggle private messaging mode on; players would occasionally get stuck in a private channel by using /tell [playername] with no additional message.
  • + Buffed Mythical Tier crystal fish, flying fish, and skills fish; these now give 50 crystals, 30 minutes flight, and 50 McMMO credits respectively + Added 3 new fish to Platinum tier - Junior Crystal Fish (1 crystal), Junior Flying Fish (1 min Flight), and Junior Skills Fish (1 McMMO credit) + Built a small lake in the Nether beside a bastion, not far from nether spawn. In this lake, you'll be able to catch any fish requiring the "Crimson Forest" biome
  • + Fixed bug where players with flight capability would hover after teleporting, after using an elevator/teleporter, and after leaving a bed. This will now disable flight after every single method of teleportation. This list includes /home, /spawn, /t spawn, /warp, elevators, teleporters, ender pearls, Ender Bows, and bed usage. End result? No more random missing flight time!
  • + Bug fixes for /audio
  • + Added crafting recipe for mud. 8 dirt around 1 water bottle = 8 mud