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Patch Notes - April 2024
MaestroReckoner Owner
8 posts
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about 1 month ago
  • + Added player's current biome to the Featherboard and to /winfo; this will even properly parse our special Terralith biomes!
  • + Changing worlds will now print the name of world in chat. This should hopefully help avoid confusion between the Overworld and Resource World.
  • + Added a Fly shop at /fly shop. Any purchases within the shop will add directly to your balance; these are not tradeable vouchers. The prices are quite high, but a few of you may choose to use it anyway.
  • + Added Community Crate to spawn. This is a community-generated crate with content you folks created yourselves. Requires a Tier 2 key to use. + Added Novice thru Veteran tags to /tags. If any of you accidentally cleared your tags before, now you can get your basic rank tag back!