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Patch Notes - October 2023
MaestroReckoner Owner
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9 months ago

Patch notes are uploaded daily on our Discord. See below for a compilation of the patch notes from October:

  • Added a LOT of custom recipes, viewable via /recipes. Methods for obtaining the drops are detailed in the viewer.
  • Added Cosmetic Coins to Crystal Shop
  • All mobs now drop heads, albeit with a rare chance (affected by Looting); some of these heads are used in crafting
  • Added Dark Lord gear set and Frolicking gear set
  • /bal now shows money, crystals, cosmetic coins, and McMMO token balances
  • Netherite gear can now be crafted using netherite ingots using the same patterns as any other equipment
  • Increased chances for crystals from voting, Tier 2 and 3 crates added as rare vote rewards
  • Teleporter Room added just outside spawn. For town mayors with Teleporter Access (Crystal Shop perk), you can add a protected teleporter to your town from this room
  • Added smooth basalt, ice, packed ice, and blue ice to Miner job
  • Bookshelves added to Vote crate, to replace Spyglass
  • Placed an End Portal inside spawn
  • Rescaled Calcite, Granite, Diorite, and Andesite XP in Jobs
  • Rescaled Calcite XP in McMMO
  • Removed crate keys from Daily Crate
  • Trim/smithing templates can no longer be duplicated; they can still be found in the wild, in the Collectible Crate, or as a drop from Wardens
  • Thrifty enchant no longer gives the following spawn eggs: Ender Dragon, Wither, Warden, Elder Guardian, Villager, Zombie Villager, and Shulker

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