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Patch Notes - November 2023
MaestroReckoner Owner
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6 months ago
  • Added three new crafting recipes:
    - Coal blocks can now be crafted from 9 charcoal
    - Bundles can be crafted from 7 rabbit hides and 2 string
    - Hearts of the Sea can be crafted using 4 sapphires and a beacon.
    All recipes visible via /recipes.
    - Suggested by TreeSpawn
  • Exploding bats may or may not have been added to the server... find out at your own risk.
  • Added Levitation Scales. These are a crafting material, but also have a special property if used. Obtainable via Phantoms, Bats, and Vexes. See /recipes for details.
  • Added ServerPact to voting site list, to replace another site that has been removed
  • Cleaned up and standardized channel name formats in Discord
  • Fixed the vast majority of permission-based bugs
  • Added Custom Recipes and FAQ books to Newcomer kit. Both are also accessible via the FAQ button in /menu
  • Added "Copper Tools" to custom recipes. These are made with raw copper and sticks using the same patterns as any other tools. They're quicker than stone tools, and have a bit more durability than gold. A decent in-between when just starting out! More tools to come. - NOTE: these new copper tools cannot be modified in any way, or be repaired at an anvil.
  • Custom Recipes now are unlockable in the crafting book like any other vanilla recipe; if you have crafted the item before and have the items in your inventory, you can easily craft them again just by using the green book!
  • Added /daily command, linked to Daily Crate. 24 hour cooldown, may reset after server restart as well
  • Updated Tablist with a new look, check it out!
  • Added uncondense recipes for Brick Blocks and Clay Blocks; these will uncondense into 4 bricks and 4 clay balls respectively
    - Suggested by AlpacaMall
  • Fixed messages for when flight is disabled upon using /back
  • Added global sound effects for ranking up and prestiging
  • Added Role Selection channel on Discord. In here, you can opt in for vote party notifications, as well as pronouns
    - Please note, Vote Party notifications must be made manually using @Vote Party . Any usage of this ping aside from vote party notifications is not permitted.
  • Various small bug fixes and plugin updates

  • Removed brick blocks from Crafter job in response to the above uncondense recipe
  • Reduced payments for crafting bookshelves by 2/3
  • A major exploit has been patched; however, all currently-held custom crafting materials will need to be traded in for replacements. This affects any custom material that glows or appears to be enchanted, with the exception of the Levitation Scale. Please use the GUI shop via /exchange to do so. The complete list of affected items can also be found in there. Until you replace these items with the new versions, you will not be able to craft any of the custom items. For your convenience, the shop has been set up so you can do singles and groups of 32 of any given item at a time. Drops have been fixed, so this will only affect items that are currently in your possession. If any of you have the Compressed Items (andesite, granite, diorite, etc), please let me know and I will add them to the shop; a quick search failed to locate any, so I apologize if I missed it.

Last edited: 6 months ago