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Patch Notes - December 2023
MaestroReckoner Owner
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7 months ago
  • Server has been updated to version 1.20.2
  • Head Tokens are now given with every vote
  • Fixed bug where Scout (Rank 4) did not get access to /workbench and /craft commands
  • Increased max auction house slots for Mercenary to 5, to avoid confusion with Scout rank's auction house slot max (was 4)
  • Server music now transitions a bit more cleanly into boss battles
  • Added music for when mining below Y:-1
  • Fixed custom music discs
  • Numerous plugin updates
  • Added ViaBackwards
    Players should be able to join using older versions of the game, but I'd strongly recommend sticking to 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.20.2, and 1.20.4. While I was able to login with 1.18, the game experience was... weird, to say the least.
  • Added GeyserMC
    - This allows players to join using Bedrock Edition. Use play.mythichaven.net:19132 to join.
  • Added percentage chances for all crate items
  • Added a means of converting shards from mob drops into Event Shards
    Players will need to smelt the shard of their choice in a furnace into a Scrap of Shard, then craft them sequentially into Recycled Shards, Processed Shards, Refined Shards, and finally into Event Shards. Event shards will be able to be exchanged for items from past (and possibly current) events at certain intervals via a vendor in spawn. Stay tuned for announcements on when these vendors become available!
    - Suggested by TreeSpawn
  • Added brand new server list MOTD (it's pretty nice!)
  • Revamped area around portals in spawn
  • Added RTP portal for the Overworld in spawn
  • Added three new sets of gear - Frostguard, Aquaguard, and Lunar. These are complete with armour, swords, axes, ranged weapons, and pickaxes
  • Removed /mctop and /mcrank. These will not be returning in future. This is for us to be in compliance with EULA.

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