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Jobs FAQ

  • How do I see what jobs there are?
    • /jobs browse, then left click on the job you want to learn more about.
  • How do I join a job?
    • From /jobs browse, right click while hovering over the job to join it.
  • How do I check my job levels?
    • /jobs stats
  • How do I leave a job?
    • /jobs leave (job name)
  • What are job prestiges?
    • Job Prestiges are a means of advancing past the normal maximum job level. By prestiging, you start over at Level 0 again, but with a permanent boost to experience and money gained as well as an increase in the maximum level attainable.
  • How do I prestige a job?
    • Reach the maximum level in your Job (Level 25 initially), type /jobs prestige, then click on your job to prestige.