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Custom Enchantment FAQ
  • What are custom enchantments?
    • Custom enchantments are special enchantments that can be applied to tools and armor, but are not part of vanilla minecraft. These often have very interesting and new effects you can't get otherwise.
  • How do I apply custom enchantments to my gear?
    • Use the books provided as you would with normal books, combine them in an anvil with the gear you want to apply it to. Make sure to read about the enchantment to ensure it is compatible with your gear!
  • How do I get custom enchantment books?
    • Obtain Enchantment Unlocks - Enchantment Unlocks are book items that can be spent to permanently unlock an enchantment to be acquired from the enchantment crate and can be earned by:
      • Ranking Up
      • Vote Crate
      • Party Crate
    • Use the Enchantment Unlocks
      • /eu will open the enchantment unlocks menu, which lists every custom enchantment.
      • You can click the book that matches your Enchantment Unlock to spend it and either unlock or upgrade that enchant.
      • Upgraded enchants means you can earn higher-level enchants in the enchantment crate, for example:
        • After spending only 1 "Drill Enchantment Unlock," you now have the chance to earn Drill I in the enchantment crate.
        • After spending a second "Drill Enchant Unlock," you now have the chance to earn Drill I and Drill II in the enchantment crate.
      • You can upgrade enchantments up until level 4 or until the max level of the enchantment if stated otherwise.
    • Get Enchantment Books in the Enchantment Crate
      • You can earn Enchantment Keys in the Vote Crate, Party Crate, and Mythic Crate, as well as earning 5 every time you rank up.
      • Right-click the enchantment crate at spawn to consume the key and give you a random set of enchantments to pick 1 from based on the enchantments you've unlocked/upgraded, similar to picking enchants from a vanilla table.