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Towny FAQ

  • What is Towny?
    • Towny is a land protection plugin that allows you to protect your land and build a town with friends or other players. There are different commands that you can use as a mayor of the town, a king or queen of a nation, or as a resident of a town. To learn more about the commands, visit this link: Towny Commands
  • How much money do I need to make a town?
    • Currently, anyone can make a town with $2,500 in-game currency.
  • How do I make a town?
    • /town new (name)
    • Note: You must be far enough away from another existing town in the towny world. Towny is disabled in the nether, end, and resource world.
  • How do I claim land for the town?
    • /town claim
    • You must have enough available plots to claim additional land. You can get additional plots by purchasing them, or by adding members to your town.
  • How do I add someone to my town?
    • /town invite (player)
  • How do I kick someone from my town?
    • /town kick (player)
  • How do I add money to my town?
    • /town deposit (amount)
    • Towns require upkeep to maintain, which means you must add money regularly to ensure your town doesn't go bankrupt. Additionally, claiming additional land will draw money from your town bank, so there must be enough in the bank to add to the town.
  • How do I give someone a plot?
    • /plot forsale (amount) in the plot you want to sell, or use 0 as the amount to make it free.
  • How do I buy a plot in the town I joined?
    • /plot claim
  • How do I set a town spawn?
    • /town set homeblock
    • THEN /town set spawn
    • You can change the spawn point of your town to any claimed chunk, even in an outpost.
  • How do I set a welcome message?
    • /town set boards (message)
  • How do I stop mobs from spawning in town?
    • /town toggle mobs
  • How do I stop fire from spreading in town?
    • /town toggle fire
  • How do I stop pvp damage in town?
    • /town toggle pvp
  • How do I see where the town claims are?
    • /towny map
  • How do I define what a plot is used for?
    • /plot set (type)
  • How do I add my friend to my plot?
    • /resident friend add (name)
  • How do I see how many town members are online?
    • /town online
  • How do I see what towns there are?
    • /town list
  • How do I get to a town spawn?
    • /town spawn (name)
  • How do I set an outpost?
    • /town claim outpost
  • How do I start a nation?
    • /nation new (name)
  • How do I invite a town to the nation?
    • /nation add town (name)
  • How do I kick a town from the nation?
    • /nation kick town (name)
  • How do I give someone a rank in the nation?
    • /nation rank
  • Is there a way to talk to town members?
    • /tc
    • This command will toggle town chat, use /g to return to global chat.
  • How do I talk to nation members?
    • /nc
    • This command will toggle nation chat, use /g to return to global chat.
  • How do I return to the regular chat?
    • /g