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Server FAQ

Server FAQ
Much of this information can be found by exploring /menu!


  • How do I get to the towny world?
    • You spawn in it! Use /rtp to leave spawn
  • What is the warp to get to the crates?
    • /warp crates
  • How do I get to the resource world?
    • /warp resource
  • How do I get to the market?
    • /warp market
  • How do I get back to spawn?
    • /spawn
  • How do I use teleporters?
    • Unlock them in the crystal shop.
    • Place a netherite block on the ground.
    • Stand on the block and run /teleporter add.
    • Note the ID name given.
    • Place a second netherite block at the destination, repeat step 2.
    • Link the teleporter pads together with /teleporter link [ID1] [ID2]
    • You can retrieve the list of IDs with /teleporter list
    • To remove a teleporter, use /teleporter remove [ID]
  • How do I build an elevator?
    • Place an emerald block on the ground.
    • Place another emerald block up to 50 blocks below/above the first block, ensuring there are no obstructions between the two.
    • To use the elevator, jump to go up, or shift to go down.


  • How do I see what ranks are available?
    • /ranks
  • How do I see what rank I am?
    • /rankinfo
  • How do I rank up when I meet all the requirements?
    • /rankup



  • Is there a way to obtain fly?
    • /fly
    • The server has flight charges with varying lengths of time. They can be obtained by voting, playing, or trading with other players.

Auction House

  • How can I see what players are selling in the auction house?
    • /ah
  • How can I sell an item on the auction house?
    • Rank up to Rank 1
    • /ah sell (price)
    • Make sure to hold item in your hand!