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Market FAQ
  • How can I access the market?
    • /warp market
  • How do I purchase a market stall?
    • Find a shop in the market, and ensure you have enough money to buy it.
    • /mail send MaestroReckoner Hello, I would like to buy market stall [market stall color and number here]
    • Once Maestro¬†adds you to the shop, you may set up your market stall.
    • You will be able to modify the interior, walls, and front of the stall to your own design.
    • Markets will be removed after a significant period of inactivity, with contents returned to you.
  • Once I own a stall, how can I set up sell chests?
    • To make a chest shop simply take a wooden sign and place it on a chest.
    • Type [shop]¬†on the first line.
    • Type the number of items that the customer would be buying or selling on the second line.
    • On the third line, type the price you want to buy or sell for.
    • On the fourth line type buy or sell, whichever the chest is for.
    • Next, right click the sign with the item you want to buy/sell.
    • The shop sign should change if you have done it correctly. Then, simply put the items in the chest if you are selling.
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