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  • What is MCMMO?
    • MCMMO is a plugin that allows you to gain certain perks for leveling up skills in the game using actions that you already use. It adds an RPG element to the game. You can learn more about MCMMO by clicking this link: https://mcmmo.org/wiki/Main_Page
  • How do I check what my power level is?
    • /mcstats
  • How do I learn about a skill?
    • /(name of skill)
  • How do I see who is in the top of each skill?
    • /mctop (name of skill)
  • What is a party?
    • A party gives you different benefits, such as a private chatroom, and the ability to share mcmmo xp when nearby other players.
  • How do I create a party chat?
    • First, rank up to Rank 2, then:
    • /party create (name)
  • How do I invite someone to the chat?
    • /party invite (player name)
  • How do I join a chat when invited?
    • /party join (player name)
  • How do I leave a party?
    • /party leave
  • How do I turn on/off the party chat?
    • /party chat