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Mercenary permissions
    + Ability to set your personal time [/ptime (time)]
    + Ability to set your personal weather [/pweather (sun/rain/reset)]
    + Ability to see the crafting recipe for any item [/recipe (item name)]
    + Ability to throw away items [/dispose]
    + Ability to create custom paintings [/artmap]
    + Ability to change paintings using scroll wheel
    + Ability to turn XP into XP bottles [/bottle get (quantity)]

This is not an exhaustive list of commands; many of the listed ones above have variations.

Requirements to reach this rank:
    - Money cost: $75,000
    - Total McMMO levels: 500
    - Total play time: 30 hours
    - Time since last death: 5 hours
    - Total mob kills: 2000
    - Total blocks mined: 150,000
    - Distance traveled by minecart: 5,000 blocks
    - Fish caught: 128

Ranking up will remove the required money from your balance; all other amounts listed are cumulative and will carry over between rankups.

Previous rank: Scout
Next rank: Veteran