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Starter permissions
  • KeepInventory on death (Overworld ONLY)
  • Ability to return to location of last death [/dback]
  • Set 1 home [/sethome (name)] [/home]
  • Join 1 job [/jobs join (job name)] [/jobs browse]
  • Purchase from the Auction House [/ah]
  • Create a town for $2500 [/t new (name)]
  • Go AFK for up to 60 minutes [/afk]
  • See if a player is AFK [/afkcheck (name)]
  • Check money balances [/bal] [/bal (name)] [/baltop]
  • See your current coordinates [/pos]
  • See username of nicknamed player [/realname (name)]
  • Teleport to/from other players 
    /tpa] [/tpahere] [/tpaccept] [/tpdeny]
  • Change your display tag [/tags]
  • Use emerald elevator blocks [Jump up, shift down]
  • Protect your stuff!!! [/lock]
  • Redeem McMMO credits for levels [/redeem]
  • Play minigames in your inventory [/pg]
This is not an exhaustive list of commands; many of the listed ones above have variations.

This is the first rank on the server, obtained by default when first logging in. There are no requirements for this rank.

Next rank: Novice